Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Kansas City

Con: The parking lot at Fiorella's Jack Stack was packed
Pro: We waited only 7-8 minutes for a table

Con: RJ's Bob-Be-Que was a dive
Pro: The food was pretty tasty (mm, corn fritters)

Con: I had microwave rice w/dinner one night
Pro: It was accompanied by a fantastic home-grilled KC strip steak

Con: My sister-in-law's dad's (Otto's) kitchen lacks any helpful cooking equipment
Pro: I used creative, alternate means to prepare food

Con: Otto doesn't have good, sharp knives, either
Pro: No one got cut

Con: The prime rib I ordered at Hereford House was expensive
Pro: I did not have to pay for it (thanks, Adam and Amy!)

Con: I broke one of the whisks
Pro: There were two more

Con: My gougeres fell flat
Pro: Everyone still liked them once I stuffed them w/scallion-spiked cream cheese

Con: My profiteroles also fell flat
Pro: People ate them w/ice cream on top anyway

Con: There was a lot of pasta w/basil cream sauce left over
Pro: Dinner the next day

Con: My brother burned the tenderloin on the grill
Pro: The char was just perfect, resulting in a crusty, flavorful outside and a cool, pink inside

Con: I filled up on gougeres before dinner
Pro: Damn, they were really good

Con: Aunt Susie fed the new puppy a gougere
Pro: The puppy did not die

Con: The cabernet reduction didn't actually reduce, plus it tasted kinda crappy
Pro: No one had to eat it

Con: I burned my wrist on a cookie sheet
Pro: It'll feel better by the end of the week

Con: I had to eat Taco Bell for lunch one day
Pro: I remembered just how awesome the Crunchwrap Supreme is

Con: Those potholders simply were not thick enough
Pro: The feeling in my hands is starting to come back

Con: I can't be in Phoenix and Kansas City simultaneously
Pro: . . .

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